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About MMD

The Center for Mechanics and Materials Design brings together the two disciplines Mechanics and Materials Science in order to speed up the processes for producing better materials.


Despite many points of contact between the disciplines Mechanics and Materials Science, there has previously been no platform for communication and collaboration between them.

The development of more powerful simulation methods in both Mechanics and Materials science, as well as greater demands on constructions, has, however, brought them closer together. By synchronizing their activities it is possible to speed up the processes for producing better materials.

That is why Mechanics and Materials science make a long-term commitment in the Center for Mechanics and Materials Design, to integrate and develop the border area between the disciplines, both in terms of education and research. The long-term goal is a renewed and strengthened education at basic, advanced and postgraduate level in the field. In the short and long term, the center’s research is expected to contribute to more efficient materials, processes and constructions.

Organizationally, MMD belongs to ITM, but half of the activities will take place at SCI.